Peter Wik

Peter Wik has been traveling the world since childhood. He has visited over 60 countries and some of them up to a hundred times. Peter is the owner of Relasian Travel & Event based in Stockholm, Sweden but constantly on the road. Peter is a foodie and loves to try new food around the world. Here he shares his favorite gems from places high and low around the world to make you go local yet being global. Peter lives in Stockholm and Paris.

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Pingyao, one of the best kept ancient cities in the world!

About 700 km from Beijing and 80 km from Taiyuan you find one of the best kept ancient cities in the world - Pingyao. This city dates back over 2700 years but had its glorious days durning the Ming and Ching dynasties. One of the few city walls from the 1400-th century China is still there and as you can see on this picture the city still has a great feeling to it. Pingyao was the financial centre of China during the Ching dynasty until last century when cities like Shanghai and Beijing took over. Here in Pingyao you can find old hostels to stay at as well as some cool boutique hotels. The city has about 450.000 inhabitants and 50.000 still live inside the city wall. This is a place to visit before the building boom of China reaches here as well. Take a train from Beijing to Taiyuan and then a bus to Pingyao.
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