Peter Wik

Peter Wik has been traveling the world since childhood. He has visited over 60 countries and some of them up to a hundred times. Peter is the owner of Relasian Travel & Event based in Stockholm, Sweden but constantly on the road. Peter is a foodie and loves to try new food around the world. Here he shares his favorite gems from places high and low around the world to make you go local yet being global. Peter lives in Stockholm and Paris.

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K-Pop & J-Pop store in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo, Japan

As you might now not only J-Pop but also K-Pop in Japan is really big and spreading around the world. Shin-Okubo on the Yamanote Line one stop from Shinjuku-station is Tokyo's Korea Town. Here you can find great Korean Food but many young people from all over come here to pick up the latest in gadgets from the K-Pop stars! It's a great place to take part of this culture and to look at all the young people go crazy over a coffee cup or a key ring with a special singer on! Or why not buy a new pillow with your favorite star that you can cuddle with a home.
This places can be found just outside the station of Shin-Okubo.