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Peter Wik has been traveling the world since childhood. He has visited over 60 countries and some of them up to a hundred times. Peter is the owner of Relasian Travel & Event based in Stockholm, Sweden but constantly on the road. Peter is a foodie and loves to try new food around the world. Here he shares his favorite gems from places high and low around the world to make you go local yet being global. Peter lives in Stockholm and Paris.

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Palace Hotel, Tokyo

Since a few years back Tokyo had finally gotten some new hotels that have the Asian Luxury. The service in Japan is always top notch, but for many years the interiors of the hotels were a memory of the 1980th.
Since a few years back the Japanese capital has gotten new hotels and one of the best of them is The Palace Hotel. It has close to 300 rooms and many of them have the wonderful view over the Imperial Palace Gardens. The location is great for business men and women that wants to stay right downtown Maranouchi area were all the banks are and next to Tokyo Station.  The rooms are  very big for Tokyo and starts at 45 m2.  The lobby lounge with the outside terrace is a rare thing to find in Japan.
The only downside is that the area is rather dead after office hours, but then you have your room and balcony to enjoy! Not to forget all the excellent restaurants!
PALACE HOTEL TOKYO 1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Japan TEL +81-3-3211-5211

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