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Peter Wik has been traveling the world since childhood. He has visited over 60 countries and some of them up to a hundred times. Peter is the owner of Relasian Travel & Event based in Stockholm, Sweden but constantly on the road. Peter is a foodie and loves to try new food around the world. Here he shares his favorite gems from places high and low around the world to make you go local yet being global. Peter lives in Stockholm and Paris.

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Where to eat Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima!

The city of Hiroshima is famous for a dish called Okonomiyaki, You can have it in Osaka and in other cities all over Japan as well, but it's origin is from Hiroshima and Osaka. There are many places in Hiroshima to eat this food. It's good value for money and you can have a full meal for under 1000 yen. Okonomiyaki is called a Japanese pancake or a Japanese pizza. I would say that it is not anything like that. It made of egg, flower, cabbage, bacon, sometimes seafood, bonitoflakes and topped with a sweet sauce. It must be tried and a good place to eat this is at Hiroshima Station Building on the 2nd floor of the ASSA shopping center. Here you can find a lot of small Okonomiyaki shops and one of the most famous were people line up is the Reicyan that you can see on the picture. Enyoy your meal!